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Radix LMS

The Radix Learning Management System provides K-12 teachers with a personalized, blended course management experience. It also gives school administrators the ability to easily manage information such as attendance, behavior, lesson plans, report cards, and more. Radix eliminates the need for a third-party school management software by streamlining several tasks into one platform.

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Multimedia Integration

Organize and display courses the way you want and view at a glance current tasks and messages. Built-in media support enables you to easily search for and insert video and audio files in your courses. Upload, drag and drop, and embed any kind of media, including audio files, video files, and documents, from your computer or storage services such as Google Docs, OneDrive, and Dropbox.

Created with Raphaël 2.1.0

Behavior and Attendance

Discipline incidents

Streamlined discipline incident reporting and processing are aligned with the student code of conduct and school-wide expectations. Easily report major or minor incidents to the dean of students. Print major incident reports for record keeping.

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Student Information

Maintain information about student demographics, parents, attendance, behavior, and schedule information for reports without the need for an external SIS. Collect admission applications via the school’s website, confirm them, and keep communication logs.

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Radix Learning Managament System

Keep track of what’s happening in the class with Radix Mobile App

Increase student and parent engagement with Radix Mobile App. Students can browse course content even when offline. Receive instant notifications of messages, events and grades via push notifications. Students can upload images, audio, videos and other files to their repository or assignments. Massage with the teachers on the go. Easily submit assignments, access forums and take quizzes.

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Why Choose Radix LMS?

It's Their Tote Loses Beige Shopper All Someone Rights And Until Gay Fun Bag 10+ Years of Experience

The Radix LMS is built by a team with extensive education background and experience in K-12.

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Focused on Student Achievement

Radix LMS helps schools, educators and students to reach their full potential.

Happy Customers

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We always have solution based approach and provide fast customer service with feedback driven continuous improvement.

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